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Day Thirty-Eight: No In Between Snacks

Posted By at Friday, April 12, 2019

April 12: Restore It -Balanced Meals only; No In-Between Snacks

During the Lenten season, our Friday challenges are food-related. Today, we are challenged to avoid all in-between snacks and eat only balanced meals. This should be an easy challenge, after all, most of us learned this in grammar school. Remember that “Food Pyramid” that includes breads and cereal, fruits and veggies, meat and fish? If you’ve forgotten it, just Google it and take another look. This is going to require some planning, but we can do it. Eat balanced meals and no in-between snacks!

This author often receives questions about the Friday dietary-challenges. The reason we include them in our devotions is because food-related objectives affect everyone. God created our human bodies to require the consumption of food and water, so each of us knows what it’s like to be hungry and thirsty. God understands this even better than us, which is probably why He provides us with fasting as one way to demonstrate our sincerity, faithfulness, and commitment. This is precisely why we strive to make personal sacrifices during the Lenten season. It’s important that we show God that we care and that His hard work matters. We might not be able to do everything, but we can certainly do something.Given everything that God provides, food is an easy one for us to adjust on His behalf.

Today’s challenge isn’t as strict as some of our earlier Friday challenges, but this is still one that takes some thought and discipline. We need to be practicing better dietary habits. Our body is God’s temple and we need to do a much better job of taking care of it!

Balanced meals only today! No cheating with in-between snacks!

Or don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you? Don’t you know that you have the Holy Spirit from God, and you don’t belong to yourselves?You have been bought and paid for, so honor God with your body.”(1 Corinthians 6:19-20, CEB).